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We’re an insights led communications agency based in London. We work in partnership with brands to create stand-out media strategies delivered through a creative lens.

Capsule provide an extensive range of services that cater to a variety of business needs and objectives.

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When the pandemic began Capsule Comms acted fast to create plans ensuring Waterpik was highlighted as the perfect dental tool to use from the comfort of your own home. Not only was it vital to highlight Waterpik as the World’s number 1 Water Flosser brand, but education was key when sharing this information, whether it be via paid-for social campaigns on Instagram with beauty influencers/VIPs/dental experts, press releases distributed to key beauty/health journalists and influencers or through social content created and shared on the UK Waterpik social channel. Reiterating the brand’s status as the market leader and its credentials was central for Capsule Comms when creating relevant PR strategies and activities.

In the height of lockdown, Capsule Comms shared a complimentary eco-friendly self-care package with press to highlight the convenience of using the Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser in the comfort of your own home alongside sharing other eco-friendly bathroom staples such as a bamboo toothbrush and eco-friendly cotton pads. Sharing these care packages with high profile beauty/health journalists as well as influencers meant Waterpik was highlighted as an ‘eco-friendly’ alternative to regular string floss and emphasised the importance of looking after your oral care; especially whilst dental appointments were not available. These care packages resulted in an incredible total circulation of 34,500,835 across print and digital publications across 2020.

Alongside complimentary care packages, Capsule Comms secured the ultimate digital dental partnership with award-winning app ‘The Tooth Fairy’ which offers key dental advice to consumers and patients via digital videos. With clinics closed, the dental app offered a collaboration for both oral care brands Waterpik and Arm & Hammer to be promoted. Waterpik was promoted via the app; showcasing relevant oral care subjects within aesthetically pleasing, branded videos that were created by Waterpik. Throughout June – September 2020, Capsule Comms shared these videos with not only journalists but VIPs and influencers to highlight the importance of not letting your oral care regime suffer whilst in lockdown. Sharing these videos with the recipients not only educated viewers on how to correctly use a Waterpik Cordless Plus but offered an opportunity for several editorial features from the likes of The Evening Standard online and Style Cartel.

Now what would be a PR activation without several successful social campaigns on Instagram? Capsule Comms recognised the significant rise in social media users from the start of the pandemic, with so many being glued to their phone to access easy, informative and educational content via the likes of Instagram and Facebook. Instagram has always played a huge part when it comes to promoting brand launches, educating viewers on brands as well increasing sales, so Capsule Comms tapped into this via paid-for social campaigns with the Singing Dentist and several beauty/health VIPs and influencers. Dr Milad Shadrooh, AKA the Singing Dentist is not only a renowned dentist with his own dental clinic but also a huge social media star famous for creating content which mixes music with dentistry expertise to create dental-parody style content. With 319,000 followers, it was a no brainer for Waterpik to collaborate with him to create branded content. The first set of Instagram content launched on 28th May 2020 with the Singing Dentist apperaing alongside VIP and Made In Chelsea reality star, Ollie Locke to host an ‘at-home digital dentist’ Instagram live. An Instagram live must be entertaining, yet educational and informative and that is exactly what both Dr Milad and Ollie offered. The Instagram live social campaign was hosted for 20 minutes from Dr Milad’s Instagram channel, with Ollie Locke acting as the patient and Dr Milad as the professional dentist, obviously! Ollie would ask Dr Milad questions in relation to the Waterpik Cordless Plus Water Flosser, including ‘how should I use this whilst I can’t go to the dentist?’, ‘should I always floss?’ and so on. The success of this live and subsequent partnerships led to a one-year partnership for 2021, with Dr Milad appointed as a ‘Waterpik social media ambassador’.

Utilising key beauty influencers and VIPs including Curtis Pritchard via Instagram video content also played a significant part to ensure the brand stayed front of mind across social platforms, educating consumers on how to correctly use the product and highlight the brand’s status as a market leader.

In addition to these activations, Capsule Comms also worked to secure a food collaboration with Mac & Wild. As social distancing remained in place, physical events were off limits, meaning everything went digital. A digital cookery class in August was a unique and fun way to showcase the brand’s key benefits to key press and influencers, highlighting how post-meal Waterpik is super effective.  The event generated good attendance, resulting in social posts and editorial features.

Throughout 2021 Capsule will continue to promote Waterpik as the perfect daily dentist tool.

Curtis Pritchard. 18th November 2020


  • 01. 618,630 social media impressions

  • 02. 1.5 MILLION social reach with The Singing Dentist

  • 03. 34,500,835 total media reach

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