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On Wednesday 1st November 2021 Capsule Comms and Slow Ageing hosted media and influencers at a virtual ‘Slow Age vs. Anti-Age’ Zoom conversation. The event was led by respected journalist and best-selling author, Kathleen Baird-Murray, alongside renowned skincare expert Michaella Bolder.

The event offered media and influencer guests an introduction to Slow Ageing’s face and body collection, alongside a topical discussion around anti-ageing and how this is portrayed within the beauty sphere – taking into consideration whether or not this has a negative impact on the way we as consumers feel about ourselves as we age.

The market as we know it is oversaturated with skincare brands who boast products that will help to turn back the clock and visibly reduce signs of ageing. Because of this, consumers are constantly searching for the fountain of youth when buying a new product in order to keep up with an unrealistic beauty standard. The Royal Society of Public Health says: “To be anti-ageing’makes no more sense than being anti-life.’ We call on major outlets, magazines and the beauty industry to re-focus their ageing narrative on opportunities to be embraced rather than processes to be ‘resisted’.”

Changing the way consumers think about ageing starts with changing the way the topic is discussed, especially from beauty brands. The promotion of skincare products should uplift consumers and help them embrace their skin. Slow Ageing Essentials believes that every fine line and crease that we gain throughout our lives is a memory to hold onto and shouldn’t be seen as a negative when looking in the mirror.

The brand shares: “Our choice is to redefine skincare to promote ageless beauty, Slow Ageing Essentials enables customers to look and feel their very best – with skin that is in great condition. Our products work with the skins natural defences to slow the signs of ageing.”

The conversation also looked at the importance of adopting a selfcare ritual through the application of the Slow Ageing range. With product demonstration led by Michaella, attendees interacted and engaged in a Slow Ageing skincare ritual.  Michaella also contributed to the conversation, reflecting on her own clientele, and how they feel about ageing, and whether she has seen a trend since the pandemic of more individuals embracing the ageing process.

The digital event was attended by top tier press from publications such as; Glamour, Red, Daily Mail, Independent, Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph and The Sun. As well as editorial secured with the likes of the Daily Mail, Get The Gloss and Platinum as a result.

Find out more about Slow Ageing at https://slowageing.co.uk.

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