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Launched during the global Covid-19 pandemic, OJAR is a fusion of fragrances from the East and West, founded by Sheikha Hind Bahwan. Hailing from Oman, OJAR captures the soul of the Middle East and the Occident, exquisitely combining them in a perfect fusion that balances heritage and modernity associated with the art of Middle Eastern perfume making.

OJAR pays tribute to its Omani culture and heritage through a curated collection of unisex perfume oils.  Together with Givaudan, OJAR has crafted eighteen individual fragrances based on six core ingredients. Three of the ingredients – Frankincense, Rose and Honey – are native to Oman, forming the brand’s proud Omani DNA. Meanwhile, Sandalwood, Oud and Musk – well-loved ingredients across the world – act as harmonious companions that blend Eastern and Western notes together.

Capsule Comms supported the UK launch of OJAR and invited press and influencers to a fragrance masterclass with the brand. Hosted in the Harrods Beauty Events Concierge (OJAR’s exclusive UK retailer), the event provided the opportunity for guests to learn about innovation in fragrance, and OJAR’s rich heritage, via a discussion hosted by the editor of Harrods Magazine, Katie Service.

Attendees were welcomed by Capsule Comms and offered OJAR fragrance-inspired breakfast items, such as macarons, honey cakes, to bring to life the brand’s key core ingredients, before taking a seat in the auditorium for the panel discussion. Katie was joined by Claire Voron, OJAR Brand Director, and Aidan Ellis, OJAR Fragrance Advisor. Katie posted questions to Claire and Aidan to ensure OJAR’s unique positioning was brought to life and relevant questions are answered; honing in on the inspiration behind the brand and an introduction to the art of fragrance layering.

Following the panel discussion, guests were moved into the masterclass space, which was dressed with six stations, separated by each OJAR ingredient family. Guests were invited to experiment with the OJAR Absolute and Eau de Parfum to determine their favourite scent combination and experience the different OJAR formulations. Guests deciphered their favourite fragrance and were gifted with an OJAR Layering Coffret containing one Absolute and two Eau de Parfums.

Notable high impact media titles and key influencers who attended the event included: Harper’s Bazaar, Evening Standard, Daily Mail, The Independent, naming a few, securing a potential media reach of: 3.6 million and a social reach of: 789,000. Subsequent editorial secured included Absolutely London, The London Magazine and We Wear Perfume.


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