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Batiste donated £30,000 to LGBT Foundation through 2020 and launched its limited-edition Love is Love SKU to celebrate individuality, champion the charity and raise awareness of its projects. The striking rainbow lips print promised to stand out from the crowd and aligned with the fruity and floral new fragrance packed into this distinct can design.

Initiating conversations with both charity and brand, Capsule began developing the campaign in 2019, Batiste learnt first-hand how its Dry Shampoo was a staple for many in the LGBT community. “I used Batiste Dry Shampoo after my top surgery, and it was an absolute lifesaver. Not being able to shower left me feeling really gross but the Dry Shampoo meant I was able to have friends round, visit me and keep me company while I recovered,” Laurence shared, “I even bought a few different fragrances of it to cheer myself up. Being trans can make it hard to feel confident but knowing that my hair looked good helped me to feel a lot better and happier in myself.”

To launch the campaign Capsule Comms partnered with Denman brushes to create bespoke Love is Love hairbrushes that featured the new rainbow lip design. The team distributed these alongside product, to media, in a Love is Love designed tote bag. Pick up from media and influencers surpassed expectations and was consistently revisited post-launch to coincide with PRIDE month in June. The campaign amassed reach across social with support from LGBT community members and allies such as Danny Defreitas and Rosie Ramsey.

Editorial support was similarly strong with inclusion on Stylist Online, Glamour Online, Harper’s Bazaar Online, ELLE Online and Grazia Daily among other leading UK titles. To maximise digital conversation, Batiste social channels included allies and team members from LGBT Foundation showcasing use of Love is Love, celebrating how they would mark a different type of PRIDE in 2020.

The campaign peaked in August, in line with the Bank Holiday and typical PRIDE regional activities, with social support from LGBT allies and influencers Paul Jones and Zoe London.

Hair stylist and friend of the brand, Paul, lead Zoe through an easy at-home PRIDE inspired hair look- using Love is Love. The pair discussed their favourite memories of PRIDE events of the past and also how people can get involved with LGBT causes and support as allies. Zoe curated at at-home PRIDE party playlist which was shared across Batiste’s social channels; encouraging at-home celebrations and continued social distancing. The activities had potential to reach over 118k followers across Paul and Zoe’s social media platforms.

Love is Love

  • 01. £30,000+ raised for LGBT

  • 02. 950k social media impressions

  • 03. 10.5 million campaign reach

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