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The US market selected four A-list celebrities to globally champion the Flawless brand; armed with four iconic, female power houses to cater to audiences from different backgrounds, ages and core values.

But, how did we utilise the assets available to maximise a campaign controlled by a different market? With three carefully considered steps:

  1. Maximising on the social assets provided.

It was apparent that the ambassadors were gaining a lot of interest across our channels – particularly Halle Berry, however we were supplied with limited assets. With this in mind we decided to creatively adapt the assets we were provided with – using edits and art-working into different formats to stretch the content and create content which felt new to our followers. Although our ambassadors are VIPs, our captions were kept relatable; showcasing the ease of the product and how you can achieve Halle Berry-esque skin in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Providing key narratives with press.

Our lack of facetime with the ambassadors made it challenging to pitch the partnership to press, so our outreach strategy consisted of weekly e-blasts highlighting the four ambassadors from topical angles: these included International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day gifting and Flawless as the beauty staple of the stars.

This approach created impactful press coverage in titles such as Grazia Daily (circulation: 400,000) who featured Flawless Face as their top hair removal tool; Warpaint (circulation: 119,000) where the Flawless tools’ utility for makeup prep was highlighted and Country Wedding Magazine (circulation: 70,000) in which Dermaplane Glow received a glowing review from beauty journalist Kelly Andrews.

  1. Securing a key title with limited face time.

When we did secure a virtual one-to-one with a member of the UK press, we internally grouped to vet the possible options. It was key for the chosen title to align with Halle’s core audience, have a large reach to generate as much noise as possible and was  ensure worthwhile content could be generated in just fifteen minutes. With all the options considered, we also added the requirement for the title to be digital, to enable direct link to purchase and space for optimum product and campaign imagery.

We secured Marie Claire online, and worked with the journalist on questions and logistics whilst negotiating imagery and brand-related questions to ensure it was a well-rounded article which supported the brand messaging effectively.

The rest was in the talent’s hands…

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  • 01. 1,367,024 combined impressions

  • 02. Marie Claire UK exclusive interview

  • 03. Press reach 1,789,000

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