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During October Capsule Comms and CurrentBody invited journalists and influencers to London’s Mortimer House for ‘A Conversation With…’, hosted by beauty journalist and aesthetic enthusiast, Alice Hart-Davis, and TV personality Lisa Snowdon.

The event offered guests a (re)introduction to CurrentBody’s Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Mask, alongside a topical discussion around menopausal health to coincide with Menopausal Awareness Month. The conversation looked at emotional relaxation and sleep issues, with sleep problems affecting up to half of women during Menopause (Sleep During Menopausal Transition: A 6-Year Follow-Up, 2017). Guests were also given the opportunity to ask Dr Steve Harris, who joined in with the conversation, questions about the mask, its best use and how it came to fruition with CurrentBody.

Alice, who made the initial introduction between CurrentBody and Dr Harris, led the talk, discussing with Lisa their Menopausal experiences and the way they have both introduced the Anti-Wrinkle Mask into their routines. “It is amazing. I’ve always been obsessed with sleep having worked on a breakfast show, but last year the stress of the pandemic – combined with hormones – had a hideous impact on my sleep. Using the mask, alongside my nightly rituals such as having a bath and putting away my phone, really does help,” Alice commented.

On average about 12% of women experience sleep complaints. As women move into their late 40s and 50s this number increases to 40%, The Sleep Foundation found in a recent study, citing a decrease in the production of estrogen and progesterone contribute to sleep issues. And sleep issues amass to so much more than just struggling to get to sleep; with disturbed and light sleep being commonplace and impacting mood, immune and cognitive function.

As well as targeting dynamic wrinkles, The Dr Harris Mask™ is the first mask of its kind; the raised silicone dots on the mask stimulate receptors on the face that calm brain activity, causing muscles to relax and emotions to calm. In developing the mask, Dr Harris highlighted “We know there are studies to show that wrinkles can be caused during sleep if you squash your face into the pillow. These dots have a gripping effect on skin, so they don’t allow you to wrinkle up your face. If you try to frown or scrunch your eyes with the mask on, you’ll get tired, so it almost forces you to relax.” So, whilst the revolutionary innovation means the wearer has a natural, pain-free, and completely unique way to target dynamic wrinkles, The Dr Harris Mask™ does so much more to aid the sleep of a huge portion of its customer pool.

Hosting an immersive in-person event, fronted by influential industry experts and tastemakers, was an enticing and efficient way to re-engage press and influencers with the Dr Harris Anti-Wrinkle Mask; keeping momentum and drive interest around the product. As well as an outcome of organic social tractionfrom guests in attendance and editorial coverage.

To find out more about the Dr Harris Mask™ please visit: https://www.currentbody.com/products/dr-harris-anti-wrinkle-sleep-mask

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