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The world’s number 1 Dry Shampoo brand, Batiste has created the perfect match when it comes to premium overnight hair care products. Introducing Batiste Overnight Cleanse; available in light and deep (depending on hair types) which help to purify hair whilst you sleep, allowing you to wake up to newly refreshed hair!

Now how do these products differ to the original line up from Batiste? Of course, the scents are beautiful and will aid you to a perfect night’s sleep with relaxing notes including comforting patchouli, vetiver, and birch as its base, blended with soothing jasmine and rose at its heart and zesty lemon in its top notes. Not only that, but the new regimen is infused with charcoal, keratin and baking soda which work overnight to cleanse the hair, whilst leaving no white residue – what more could you want from your favourite Dry Shampoo?  To give you some more context on which Overnight Cleanse product might work for you, please see below:

Overnight Light Cleanse is perfect for anyone looking to gently revive hair; infused with keratin, this is perfect for dry and dehydrated hair types.

Overnight Deep Cleanse offers a higher concentrated refresh that helps detoxify hair; perfect for those with hair that is oilier at the root.

Now with this in mind, Capsule Comms brought this launch to life via a series of evening Yin Yoga classes at boutique London yoga studio, FLY London on Thursday 23rd September 2021. Three classes were hosted for key beauty journalists and top-tier influencers with the instructor beginning each session highlighting key product benefits and a link back to using the products during the evening. The wellness aspect of both products was also promoted throughout each class, and to fully immerse and create an ‘Overnight Cleanse’ experience, the FLY London venue was branded with Batiste logos, slogans and even candles to include similar scents to both Overnight Cleanse products. Looking back at results, 37 attendees joined one of three classes with a total social reach of 4,234,586, meaning guests were engaged and enticed to share on their social media platforms instantly.

With the launch event in September and products being available on shelf from early October, Capsule Comms also onboarded relevant influencers to produce a series of sponsored campaigns to promote either product that works for their hair and demonstrate correct product application. To-date, sponsored social campaigns from the likes of Mollie Campsie, Nikki’s Secret and Tik Toker Glam By Flo have supported the launch, with campaigns achieving a total social reach of 331,676 and 362,511 total impressions.

Not only that, but Capsule Comms further elevated the launch by continuing to share the product press release and samples with media/influencers to obtain instant editorial features and social traction across Instagram. 6 editorial features for the Overnight Cleanse have gone live so far and organic social reach currently stands at 1,657,800.

Head to your local Boots or Superdrug store now to purchase either Overnight Cleanse product – you will not be disappointed!

  • Launch event organic social reach: 4,234,586
  • Launch event attendees: 37 participants at FLY London yoga classes
  • Editorial features for launch to-date: 6
  • Total organic social reach for launch to-date (without launch event): 1,657,800

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