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Arm & Hammer is known for its hero ingredient; Baking Soda. If you didn’t know, Baking Soda is known as an incredibly powerful cleaning agent – the perfect addition to a toothpaste to minimise stains and keep teeth pearly white. Arm & Hammer’s formulations are gentle too meaning you needn’t worry about the effect on the enamel in your mouth. 

Capsule Comms recognised that due to the pandemic, many of us weren’t able to attend regular dental appointments, meaning that cleaning your teeth with a suitable toothpaste was more important than ever. Sharing this message and educating consumers on the importance of oral health via informative social campaigns with key beauty influencers, VIPs and dental experts including Dr Milad Shadrooh AKA the Singing Dentist were key.

Following the success of the Singing Dentist’s (Dr Milad Shadrooh) Instagram live campaigns with Waterpik and with over 319,000 followers on Instagram, he is the recognised as ‘best of the best’ when it comes to dental professionals on Instagram and a perfect social talent for Arm & Hammer. Capsule Comms delivered a series of Instagram lives with VIP’s Josh Cuthbert and Gizzi Erskine alongside the Singing Dentist over a 2 month period. Ex Union-J boyband star, model and content creator Josh Cuthbert was already a fan of the brand, so bringing him together with Dr Milad to host a 20-minute Instagram live seemed like an opportunity not to miss. Titled the ‘Arm & Hammer Baking Soda series’ the social campaign focused on supporting and promoting three of Arm & Hammer’s bestselling products to drive sales for the brand, but also educate viewers on Baking Soda as a key ingredient and how effective this can be within a toothpaste formula. Dr Milad offered key educational information in a fun, light-hearted way meaning the live was engaging to watch.

The Instagram live with VIP and celebrity chef Gizzi Erskine focused on using Arm & Hammer toothpastes to remove those tough stains on the teeth caused by food and drink. Dr Milad and Gizzi hosted a conversational, educational and engaging live with Gizzi acting as the patient, asking Dr Milad questions such as ‘should I brush before or after I eat my meal?’ and ‘why do certain foods stain my teeth so much?’ Sharing questions made the Instagram live look more authentic as they were relatable to the everyday consumer.

Alongside Instagram lives, Capsule Comms also needed to push retailer promotions across the different Arm & Hammer product portfolio to drive sales and brand awareness. Working with VIPs with large social followings for these was central to the brand strategy, these content creators helped highlight to many different audiences how to integrate Arm & Hammer into your everyday oral care regime. Capsule Comms onboarded VIPs and ex Love Island stars Malin Andersson, Lucie Donlan and Samira Mighty to promote the brand on their Instagram channels. These promotional campaigns reached over 1,769,746 users on Instagram alone, meaning promotion was front of mind with the average consumer.


Overall, it’s proven working with key industry experts as well as VIPs kept the brand front of mind with consumers on social channels, which increased product sales for Arm & Hammer but also educated on key product benefits and busted any taboos surrounding Baking Soda.



  • 02. TOTAL MICRO-CAMPAIGN REACH: 4,769,746.

  • 03. INSTAGRAM LIVE REACH: 1,935,000.

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