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To amplify the brands award winning Evening Standard ‘Be London’s Headline competition’ creative, a survey was commissioned to gather category insights which were then shared across all UK media platforms.

London, 22nd July 2021: The winner of the Evening Standard’s second edition of the ‘Be London’s Headline competition’, Trojan® Brand Condoms, is calling for “London lovers to unite”, responsibly, as COVID-19 restrictions come to an end.

Brands were challenged to submit an eye-catching and creative cross-platform campaign to capture a passion for London at a pivotal point in the capital’s history, with the prize including the coveted Evening Standard newspaper cover wrap.

Trojan® Brand Condoms Wavemaker UK’s creative team rose to the challenge with their entry, by producing an evocative and provocative bespoke map of London featuring a tongue-in-cheek commentary – from Humpstead Heath and So-Hoe, to encouraging Londoners to ‘flaunt that junk’ at God’s own Junkyard.

Trojan® Brand Condoms commissions survey to understand the nation’s attitude towards dating and sex ahead of COVID-19 restrictions being lifted

After what feels like a lifetime of being in and out of lockdown, understandably, since Freedom Day went ahead on the 19th of July there will be both excitement and anxiety in the air as the UK fully opens up with a new sort of sexual tension never experienced before. To fully comprehend the nation’s viewpoint on what the ‘new normal’ might be, Trojan® Brand Condoms has commissioned a survey with OnePoll to depict how the events over the last 16 months have impacted people’s love and sex lives.

Since the pandemic started, single people have found new and inventive ways to meet people, but with hospitality now offering endless possibilities for face-to-face hook ups, swiping left and right has lost its appeal, with 40% of the UK’s male population saying they are excited about getting back on the dating scene once lockdown restrictions have eased. Not all respondents feel as confident though, with 30% saying they felt nervous about meeting new people which is reflective of the 40% who sense that the world of dating will be very different to pre COVID-19 times.

Let’s talk about sex (or lack of!) during the pandemic – a third of men said their sex life was put on hold during lock down with another third saying their sex life improved; highlighting a clear divide in the nation’s attitude towards sex during this time. In terms of practicing safe sex though, condom use amongst all respondents was significant at 74%, with usage amongst singletons at its highest with 43%. When asked about the carrying of condoms on a date, 71% said it was important to do so, with 53% believing their sex life will now get even better now with the easing of restrictions. Trojan® Brand Condoms, trusted for over 100 years, is on a mission to unleash inner confidence in all “sexperiences” after this long period of isolation and social distancing which has impacted the whole nation on so many different levels.

Interestingly, nearly half of respondents say the condom discussion about precautions is a joint decision with 69% using condoms to protect against STIs and unwanted pregnancies. Trusted since its introduction in 1916, Trojan® Brand Condoms is the legendary protector and defender of all that is good about sex. Protector of you and your partner physically, enabling the thrills and sensations that come with a healthy sex life, and, in doing so, protecting your peace of mind from unintended pregnancy and STIs. Trojan® Brand Condoms enables you to be in the moment with your partner, without concern, because physical and emotional pleasure are what make good sex, great – Nothing feels better than the pleasure of protection.

In terms of condom requirements, a quarter of those asked said that fit and application was the most important for them when choosing a condom, closely followed by only ever using a trusted brand. Trojan Brand Condoms believes in responsible, great sex and triple test their condoms to ensure reliability. That’s why it’s their mission to promote a safe, healthy and fulfilling sex life by delivering innovative, high-quality products that customers can trust. Trojan® Brand Condoms continues to explore new ways to help you enjoy the pleasure of respectful and responsible sex in every way possible.

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